Treat your lips to softness and shine with Aime Balm, created by Mathilde Lacombe, founder of Aime Skincare. After its resounding success in December, the House is proud to relaunch this balm tinted with a bluish nude pink, suitable for everyone.

"I love the idea of having one beautiful object that will be used daily and cherished for life."


The Aime balm

"I love tinted balms because it’s so easy to wear, to mix with a lip liner if you want to have a bit more payoff/staying power. This Aime shade is the perfect nude with the right amount of pink to make your lips look healthy !"

The collaboration

"I wanted a colour that could be worn by every woman, no matter what their style is. This is a staple in a makeup case in my opinion. Also a tinted balm is perfect to wear under a mask without having to worry that you will have it all over your face ;-)"

The formula

Entirely microplastic free and comprised of 95,4% natural ingredients, the lip balm ensures long-lasting hydration and enveloping comfort for hours on end.

Camel case

"I immediately had a clear idea of what I wanted the Aime shade to be like : your lips but better, with a nice glow. Very Aime ! As for the color case, the beautiful camel resonates with our brand image so it was a perfect fit."


What in the brand image, values and mission resonate the most with you?

I really appreciate the fact that La bouche rouge is committed to change the way we do things in the cosmetics industry. The fact that you have clean formulas in refillable, plastic-free cases, developed in France, is amazing.

What aspect of the brand speaks to you the most?

I particularly appreciate La bouche rouge's commitment to changing the way we do things in the cosmetics industry. Having clean, refillable formulas, in plastic-free cases, developed in France, is extraordinary.

What would you say La bouche rouge and you have in common?

Our love for details and beautiful objects. When I created AIME, the brand image was very important for me and we spent a lot of time working on the logo, color palette etc… I feel like La Bouche Rouge has a similar vibe.

What do you want people to feel when they apply your shade?

Our brand motto is to help women feel good about themselves and in their own skin. We like to celebrate the skin as a beautiful living thing. It’s ok to have imperfections, acne, redness, it’s the way your skin is talking to you. You don’t have to hide behind tons of makeup. This shade is natural, easy and beautiful at the same time. Very less is more !