Rethink, Recharge, Recycle

The first French and eco-responsible luxury beauty house offering clean formulas in refillable and recyclable boxes, without any plastic.


Since its creation in 2017, the vision of La bouche rouge has been that of luxury that enhances life, while protecting that of the generation to come. A luxury that is prohibited from polluting, destroying or damaging.

In this quest for natural perfection, French craftsmanship plays a key role: it allows La bouche rouge to combine quality and durability, without forgetting the notion of pleasure.

The red mouth calls for change. That of modes of consumption as well as those of production and redistribution, with the aim of having a positive impact along the entire line.

La bouche rouge is also when it creates its own laboratory to patent unique, highly concentrated formulas, with a minimum of 60% care active ingredients and up to 91% for its lipsticks. Uncompromising, the House thus obtains powerful serums, as clean as they are effective.