Natural ingredients

La bouche rouge makeup contains no petrochemical derivatives, silicones or microplastics. All ingredients are produced with respect for the planet, in a traceable manner and as locally as possible. They are analyzed and combined in our own laboratory, the first in France to meet the requirements of Blue Beauty. The result is powerful formulas, both natural and effective, where each ingredient is above all a care active ingredient. The textures are incredibly easy to work with, ready to work miracles.

Our blacklist of ingredients

  • Microplastics. Plastic has no place on our lips or in our oceans. Most lipstick formulas contain polyethylene and PPMA. No one should ingest plastic. Microplastics are also extremely harmful to the environment as these particles end up in our wastewater and oceans.
  • Products of animal origin. Ingredients of animal origin or animal fats are banned from our list of ingredients. We have banned beeswax from our formulas to combat the industrial exploitation of bees. We decided to replace the beeswax with a wax of plant origin.
  • BHA/BHT. BHA and BHT are antioxidants. They can cause skin irritations and allergies. We have therefore replaced them with vitamin E in all our formulas.
  • Parabens. Some parabens are endocrine disruptors. We prohibit all parabens in our formulas and instead use preservatives authorized in organic and natural cosmetics (Ecocert and Cosmos standards).
  • Aluminum powder. Primary aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on earth, it is commonly used as a colorant and can have an effect on hormonal disruption and organ system toxicity.
  • Chemical sun filters. Some chemical sunscreens may be linked to hormonal disturbances. We prohibit all chemical sunscreens in our formulas, including avobenzone, benzophenone, oxybenzone and octinoxate.
  • Silicones. We do not use silicones in our formulas, because they can act as endocrine disruptors, have an impact on reproduction and on the environment.
  • EDTA. We do not use EDTA such as Calcium Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium EDTA, in our formula as they are harmful to the environment. These ingredients do not disintegrate in water.
  • Ethanolamines. Ethanolamines are susceptible to contamination with chemicals linked to cancer.
  • Ethoxylated ingredients. These ingredients are produced synthetically using ethylene oxide, a carcinogen. They may be linked to breast cancer and other types of cancer.
  • Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde releasers and donors usually contain other ingredients that can cause allergic skin reactions and promote the development of cancer.
  • Hydroquinone. We do not use this ingredient in our formulas because it can cause skin irritation and discoloration.
  • Methyl cellosolve or 2-methoxyethanol. Typically used in perfumes, this solvent has been banned in the EU because it is linked to skin irritation and can impact the functioning of vital organs.
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. We do not use these preservatives in our formulas, in addition to being banned in the EU, they can also cause skin allergies and be toxic to the nervous system.
  • Synthetic waxes and mineral oils. Lipsticks and lip balms can be ingested and therefore cannot contain ingredients banned by the food industry, such as mineral oils. They are likely to generate undesirable components which are absorbed by the liver and risk causing cancer.
  • Nanoparticles. We ban all nanoparticles, including nano titanium dioxide.
  • Palm oil. Oil palm cultivation is associated with deforestation, the destruction of ecosystems, the emission of greenhouse gases, the loss of biodiversity and social conflicts in producing countries. La bouche rouge is committed to sourcing only materials derived from palm oil that are certified and benefit from strict compliance with the principles and criteria defined by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) . As part of sustainable cultivation, palm oil can benefit local communities by creating fair employment while protecting our precious natural species and forests.
  • Perfluorinated compounds (PFASs or PFCs). We do not use perfluorinated compounds in our formulas because they do not break down in the environment and can also cause health problems.
  • Petrolatum and Paraffin. We do not use these ingredients in our formulas because if they are not properly refined, they may be linked to the development of cancer.
  • Phthalates. Certain types of phthalates are considered hormone disruptors, which is why we do not use them in our formulas.
  • Polycyclic musks. We do not use the various types of synthetic musks as they are considered endocrine disruptors and do not break down in the environment.
  • Resorcinol. We do not use resorcinol in our formulas because it can cause skin irritations, allergies and act as a hormone disruptor.
  • Silicones. We do not use silicones in our formulas, as they can have a negative impact on the environment. For the production of our lipsticks, we exclusively use metal molds that can be cleaned and reused, unlike single-use silicone molds.
  • Talc. Talc is suspected of irritating the respiratory tract. We therefore decided to exclude it from our powder formulas.
  • Toluene. Toluene is commonly found in nail polish and is a solvent that is toxic to the immune system. We do not use toluene in our formulas because it can cause birth defects.
  • Triclosan and Triclocarban. Both of these ingredients are harmful to the environment because they are persistent and can cause hormonal disruptions.
  • Synthetic and mineral waxes. We do not use synthetic and mineral waxes and mineral oils in our formulas, they are polluting throughout their life cycle and can have health effects such as skin irritation and the development of cancers.
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetically modified organisms are plants and organisms derived from biotechnological techniques. These methods were originally developed to support farmers in the production of their food crops, as well as to identify and modify specific characteristics of organisms and enhance their health benefits. We strive as much as possible not to use GMOs.

The ingredients below are not on our blacklist because we do not consider them to be harmful to you or the planet.

  • Titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a natural pigment authorized in organic cosmetics. It poses no health risk when it is not in its nanoparticle form.
  • Aluminum oxides. Aluminum salts or oxides differ from elemental aluminum. They are poorly absorbed by the human body due to their low solubility, which is why we use aluminum oxide (aka alumina), aluminum hydroxide and related compounds as functional ingredients in products.
  • Mica. The Red Mouth is aware that immoral working conditions exist, including child labor and overexposure to dust in mica mines. We apply the principle of zero tolerance towards these practices and have decided to partner with producers who are members of the Responsible Mica Initiative. This allows us to ensure that we only use ethically sourced mica in our products. This initiative includes a holistic approach, from one industry to another, and aims to address the socio-economic roots of the problem, to promote lasting change.

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