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By Dora Baghriche

“This is anything but reasonable!” It's like a jewel that adorns a woman's neck. »

Capsized by the sensuality of hot spices, the insolent heart of Rouge is galvanized by the deep seduction of exotic woods and mysterious vetiver. Love at first sight.​

  • Top notes: Pink pepper, Ginger
  • Heart notes: Patchouli, Benzoin​
  • Base notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver


By Alexandra Monet

“The caress of a grain of skin, intimate but not innocent. »
Silky and caressing, the divinely woody, powdery and tactile accord of Nude reveals the velvety texture of the skin. Under the diaphanous petals of the flower, the hesperides are tinged with accents of freesia and watery fruits. The skin whispers its vaporous perfume, enhanced by fig tree, cedar and musk.

  • Top note: Fig, Bergamot
  • Heart note: Rose, Iris​
  • Base note: Cedar wood, Guaiac wood


By Alexis Grugeon

“A wave of freshness under a hot sun. »
At the edge of the sky and the sea, the blue note of La bouche rouge mixes fresh aromatic scents with sea spray. Full of sun, Bleu releases pink scents mixed with woody and iodized notes that recall the sensual smell of salt on the surface of the skin.​

  • Top note: Lavender, Pink Pepper
  • Heart note: Bourbon Geranium, Centifolia Rose​
  • Base note: Cedarwood, Incense


By Coralie Spicher

“A captivating and elegant sand rose. »

Gold and light, the intoxicated heart of the accord blossoms, letting out flamboyant bursts of raspberry and saffron. Bewitching and mystical swirls of wood mingle with the sweet aromas of vanilla.

  • Top note: Raspberry, Pink Pepper
  • Heart note: Rose, Saffron​
  • Base note: Sandalwood, Vanilla


By Nicolas Bonneville

“A fresh rose blooms in the early morning in the Jardin de Bagatelle in Paris. »
The crisp morning air, at the bend of a spring getaway where the aromas of the waking world mix the crunch of the still crumpled green leaf, with the scent of a rose in pastel shades, deliciously tangy from the surrounding berries.

  • Top note: Redcurrant, Litchi​
  • Heart note: Bourbon Geranium, Rose​
  • Base note: Cedarwood, Musk

A sensory and olfactory revolution: upcycling.

Applied to fine perfumery, upcycling is a new era which consists of recovering and revalorizing waste raw materials from different sectors.

Thus, for the first time in the world of perfume, more than 30% of the ingredients used in the formulas are upcycled on the basis of an organic alcohol featuring rose, cedar and spices.

A handmade perfume object.

La bouche rouge designed the bottle of its perfumes taking inspiration from its cult handmade beauty objects. The refillable bottle is a 100 ml spray, topped with a unscrewable spray, in a handmade leather-wrapped case.

Available in 5 carefully chosen colors, illustrating the name and personality of each perfume.

The first single-material aluminum and plastic-free refill.

A 100% upcycled and 100% recyclable aluminum refill.
A world first to finally reconcile a refillable and responsible perfume.

Buy once, recharge forever.