Celebrate your untamed spirit with the limited edition Wild Animals collection, created with Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo. Featuring our upcycled, fine leather lipstick and compact cases, each set depicts his beautiful watercolor paintings of endangered animals on a precious, collector’s edition box.

An ode to the undomesticated

Inspired by the Maison’s unwavering commitment to challenge the status quo in order to preserve the planet’s beauty, the collaboration invites each of us to embrace the wild within.

Collector's edition pieces

Merging traditional French craftsmanship and a spirit of artistic expression, each set features our fine, upcycled leather lipstick and compact creations in a keepsake box.

A celebration of life

Pandas, butterflies, elephants and polar bears embellish each box, presented as unique, watercolor paintings that pay tribute to these sublime, endangered species.

Precious pieces that endure

Beautiful and designed to last, each refillable case is crafted entirely free from plastic, cloaked in upcycled leather from the prestigious French Tanneries du Puy. Objects to be used daily and cherished for life.

"What I value about La bouche rouge is its approach to developing products that are thoughtful towards nature and animals."