Discover model, activist, certified sommelier and entrepreneur Grace Mahary’s favorite pieces from the Maison to create the perfect red lip as you take on anything.


"What draws me to this brand in particular is that it is free from toxins and microplastics, with a cruelty-free and environment-first approach, all with a beautiful range of lipstick colors."


All the lipsticks are made with such precision in terms of color and texture, and there are so many that complement my skin tone. Some of my favorite shades are Rouge Vendôme, Plum, Nude Red, Self Service Satin and Regal Red. I love the sleek, chic, refillable cases and their magnetic closures. They're super practical and reduce waste.

When it comes to creating the perfect red lip, I start with the Red lip pencil, which glides along the lip contours with precision and ease, creating volume and definition.

Then, for this specific look, I turn to Rouge Vendôme. It’s the ideal lipstick for those who love a true, fire red. Featuring a serum formula made of 87% natural origin ingredients, the lipstick is infused with a powerful, anti-aging seaweed, harvested by hand in St. Suliac, France for added nourishment and care.

I follow by bringing a touch of light to my face using La Lumière, the first natural highlighter that hydrates the skin and sculpts your features while unveiling a healthy, luminous complexion. I glide it on with the highlighter brush, which allows you to evenly diffuse the powder across the cheek bones, cupid's bow and tip of the nose to achieve a natural, light 'halo' effect.

Grace Mahary. Eritrean-Canadian model and activist, Grace Mahary is a dedicated agent of change. Through the nonprofit she founded, Project Tsehigh, which provides electricity to those in need, as well as her hope to open the world of wine to more women and people of color, she continuously strives to use her platform to be a force for good – a mission she shares with La bouche rouge.

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