Tutti Frutti

La Bouche Rouge invites you to immerse yourself in the "Tutti Frutti" universe – a vibrant celebration of fresh and fruity shades for radiant makeup. This summer, infuse your beauty ritual with the sparkling freshness of balms, effervescent blushes, and lipsticks in deliciously vibrant colors.


Princess Pink

This raspberry pink captures the essence of this delicious fruit and adds a touch of sophistication and cheerfulness to your look.

Dewy Pink

This pink evokes the softness and freshness of a summer morning. Its subtle radiance will illuminate your lips for a radiant appearance.

Alex Eagle

This shade reminiscent of ripe strawberries brings a fruity touch of glamour to your makeup. Perfect for a sunny day or a summer evening.

Corail Solaire

This vibrant coral recalls the warmth and energy of the summer sun. Ideal for a bold, bright, and luscious look. (Available in limited edition)

Lip balms

Pink balm

This pink balm is a delicate treatment that hydrates and softens your lips while imparting a light pink tint, perfect for a natural and vibrant look.

Peach balm

Evoking the sweetness of a ripe peach, this balm intensely nourishes your lips while providing a subtle, warm, and sunny tint.

Blush sticks

The pop pink blush

This vibrant blush brings a touch of vivid color to your cheeks, evoking the freshness and vivacity of red fruits.

The apricot blush

This apricot blush brings a touch of warmth to your complexion, evoking the soft golden glow of summer sunsets.

Refillable leather cases


Soft and delicate, this pale pink case recalls the freshness of a flower petal or the softness of a summer morning. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your collection.


This charming lilac case recalls the soft, soothing hues of lilac flowers. A refined choice for any occasion. (available in limited edition)


This fuchsia case evokes the energy of tropical fruits. A dazzling accessory to add a gourmet touch to your collection. (available in limited edition)


Elegant and timeless, this white case embodies purity and sophistication. Perfect for any situation, it is the ideal addition to your collection.


This sunny case recalls the vivacity and freshness of lemon. An elegant accessory for your favorite beauty products. (available in limited edition)