La bouche rouge and Unconditional Magazine, founded by French photographer Alexandra Nataf and Australian stylist Ilona Hamer, come together to unveil a timeless, elegant lipstick case and shade duo.

The universal nude

“A lipstick for women who understand that less is more and who shine by their natural beauty. They express their beauty first and foremost through intelligence, curiosity and irreverence.” Alexandra & Ilona

The collection

We sought to create the ideal shade for all and to invite women into our world. Each detail was carefully considered – from the color of the lipstick case, to the pouch it comes in, to the campaign imagery.

The formula

Made of 93% natural ingredients, The Red Serum’s clean, nourishing formula melts onto the lips with its high concentration of squalane and organic virgin jojoba oil, providing comfort and long-lasting hold.

The Sienna leather case

The lipstick comes in a leather case in “Sienna,” a warm, reddish brown, evocative of the earth, that will develop an exquisite patina over time, as well as a luxurious, canvas pouch, made in Italy.

Alexandra and Ilona

"La bouche rouge is very much in line with how we approach beauty at Unconditional. It’s about enhancing natural beauty – the antithesis of the filtered, unrealistic view we’ve been exposed to in recent years."