Discover our limited edition holiday set created with designer and entrepreneur Alex Rivière. With its two, irresistible shades of Tuxedo red and Tribute nude in our fine leather case, it’s the ideal gift to exude elegance day and night.

A natural shade

"For Tribute I was seeking a very natural shade that can be worn all day long. A color that perfectly blends in all day long, that is nourishing and pleasant to wear. The perfect nude, not too pink, not too orange, too matte nor shiny."

Naturally nourishing

Free of microplastics or silicones, the Tribute and Tuxedo lipstick shades, made of 96% and 88% natural ingredients, respectively, are also enriched in our iconic Red Serum Formula to ensure lasting hydration and comfort.

Elevated look

"For Tuxedo I was seeking a more elevated look. I visioned a woman dressed on high heels and a tux. Trying to find the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, the best way to describe my style."

The collaboration

"I’ve always wanted to create my own shades. La bouche rouge has offered me the opportunity to achieve that, allowing me to find that perfect shade through my inspiration and demands, and at the same time creating a lipstick with nourishing properties for the lips."

"Beautifully showcased, functional and at the same the best formulation for your skin. "


How did your love affair with La bouche rouge, Paris started?

I remember falling in love with the distinguishable leather packaging at first sight around three years ago, but the real crush was one year ago when I started using in a daily basis the bronzer and highlighter. 

What in the brand image, values and mission resonate the most with you?

Consistency, differentiation and  a clear message. 

What would you say La bouche rouge and you have in common?

Quality over quantity and less is more. Their products are very well thought through from the packaging to the formulas. I like to overthink, and always try to do things the very best possible way. I feel that this is the result of the very best way of releasing a beauty product. Beautifully showcased, functional and at the same time the best formulation for your skin.

What has the creative process been like? What was the thought process behind each details of this collaboration? 

I never walk out of the house without something on my lips, from lip balm to lipstick. It is really difficult to find that perfect color that will be versatile all day long and easy to touch up. It’s been really fun! And they have been really great and forthcoming through the whole process!