Our commitment to Blue Beauty and protecting the oceans.

The oceans, sources of life and beauty, are under serious threat. Did you know that 83% of the world's waters are contaminated by microplastics? Every year, nearly 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans - the equivalent of a truckload of plastic waste every minute. Between 8,000 and 16,000 tonnes of this waste comes from the cosmetics industry (unep.org)

Conscious luxury: La bouche rouge and oceans

At La Bouche Rouge, we deeply believe that every gesture counts in preserving our oceans. That's why our formulas are free of plastic and microplastics. We are committed to helping our seas and oceans thrive for future generations. Our commitment to zero plastic is fundamental: it is absent from our formulations, our supply chain, our products and our packaging.

Our products are free from petrochemical derivatives and silicone. We favor natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients. What's more, our lip care products are enriched with alguemarine from St Suliac, a seaweed with anti-aging properties, hand-harvested in Brittany.

We use sustainable and recyclable materials, and our products are designed to minimize waste and encourage more responsible consumption. We are convinced that luxury can go hand in hand with sustainability, and we work every day to reduce our impact on the planet.

A limited edition for World Ocean Day

To celebrate World Oceans Day, June 8, and our commitment to blue beauty, La Bouche Rouge has created the limited edition :the Duo Blue. This refillable case in two-tone ultramarine and sky-blue leather symbolizes the symbiosis of timeless elegance and ecological commitment.

The deep, bewitching ultramarine blue recalls the mysterious abysses of the ocean, where marine life thrives. Sky blue, luminous and pure, captures the serenity and immensity of the sky, symbolizing an endless horizon. Made from fine leather, this two-tone case is more than just an accessory: it's an invitation to dream, travel and marvel at the splendor of nature.

Our blue products

To extend your journey, immerse yourself in this poetic tribute to nature with our collection of blue beauty objects. Each piece embodies our commitment to sustainable beauty and our dedication to protecting the oceans.

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