Summer colors for radiant beauty

Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it its radiant warmth and a palpable sense of joy. It's the perfect time to celebrate natural, vibrant beauty with our new Tutti Frutti animation.

It features limited-edition colorful leather cases, as well as ultra-pigmented lipsticks, balms and blush sticks in gourmand hues. Explore a versatile make-up routine: transform your look from morning to night.

Morning glow with Tutti Frutti: Start your day with Beauty
For a warm, rosy complexion

Apply delicate, radiant Dewy Pink lipstick for luminous, moisturized lips.

Add the rose pop blush to cheekbones for a touch of vivid, long-lasting color. To do this, smile, apply the pigmented blush, then blend it with a brush or your fingers, stretching it outwards from the face towards the temples.

Next, store your products in our pink or white recycled leather cases for an extra touch of color.

Finish with our La Lumière illuminating powder for a radiant glow, to be blended with the illuminating brush.

Finally, apply black mascara serum for a captivating, bewitching look.

For a warm, sun-kissed complexion

Choose Corail Solaire lipstick, our returning limited-edition shade, for a bold, luminous look. For a softer, more nourishing alternative, opt for Peach Balm, for luscious, seductive lips.

For a vibrant glow, apply Apricot Stick Blush to your cheekbones.

Then slip your sticks into one of our limited-edition leather cases: the Lime case, a playful, energetic yellow-green that pairs perfectly with Corail Solaire, or opt for the subtle charm of the Lilac case.

Night glow : Enhance your beauty with intense, vibrant shades

At the end of the day, if you want to intensify your look, opt for Princess Pink or Alex Eagle Red lipsticks for pigmented lips that will stay vibrant all evening long.

To enhance your complexion, apply Rose Pop blush to the cheekbones and blend towards the temples.

Use La Lumière dorée illuminating stick to illuminate the top of your cheekbones, your Cupid's bow, the inner corner of your eyes, the tip of your nose or under your brow bone.

Finish by slipping your sticks into the fuchsia case for a touch that's as bold as it is vibrant.