Discover Andreea Ali’s look for the perfect, red lip adapted to any occasion.


Whenever I know I’m going to use a red lipstick, I feel like I need a little bit extra preparation. La bouche rouge has this Lip Scrub, which is absolutely amazing because it’s very, very gentle on the lips and just moves all the bits off. So if you have dry lips like me, this, you’re going to love it.

After I take it off, I use the Sérum de Nuit Lip Balm, which is a very nourishing formula. If you apply it at the beginning of your makeup routine, the lips are going to be super nourished and prepped for your red lipstick.

Next, we’re going to focus on the eyebrows. When creating a red lipstick look, if you do too much on the brows, it’ll look too done. I’m going for a more effortless kind of look, so I’m just going to apply a little bit on my brows. First, I’m going to brush them out. Then I’m going to use the Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown, which is very nice because it’s a waxy consistency, so it’ll immediately stick and create a really natural looking eyebrow. The trick is to make sure you brush it through and spread the product through the eyebrow, so it doesn’t just look like a block of color.

Moving on to the Sérum Sourcil. It’s an Eyebrow Serum in a recycled glass packaging, which I apply to give the brows a little extra hold. But this is the type of product you can also apply at night in your skincare routine because it has really great ingredients that will help the growth of your eyebrows.

Now, I will be using La Terre, which is the bronzing powder. It’s a clean formula, and it’s so beautiful and refillable. I’m going to take the La bouche rouge brush and I’m going to warm up the skin. I like to apply bronzer a bit higher, wherever the sun hits my face. I also like to do a quick swipe on the brow bone. I just feel like the whole makeup look becomes more cohesive when you do this.

Moving on with La Lumière. This is one product that made me absolutely crazy for powder highlighter. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, so it’s not a dry formula. I LOVE this product. Again, I’m going to use a different brush with the same shape, and I’m going to apply it on the highest points of the cheek. I’m then going to take a bit with my finger on the bridge of the nose and at the Cupid’s bow.

Now, for the eyes, I’ve always loved the way highlighter looks on the eyes. It creates that really cohesive type of look. So just with the finger, I’m going to get the highlighter right in the middle of the eyelid. It’s like a pop of light in there. And the same thing in the inner corner of the eye.

Le Sérum Noir, which is La bouche rouge’s mascara, is the very first mascara in glass packaging. And it’s enriched with a lot of good ingredients for your lashes. When it comes to mascara, I don’t hold back. I love to apply 1-2 layers of mascara, especially if I have nothing else on the eyes.

Now here is the last step: the red lipstick. This is going to be the focus of this makeup look.

“It’s a red that will look good on absolutely everyone. This is a fiery red, it’s so rich in pigment, it’s 100% clean formula, no microplastic involved and its packaging is refillable.”


Andreea Ali. Famous makeup artist Andreea Ali has built a loyal community through her intuitive makeup tutorials, explaining how to create numerous looks and effects. She recently collaborated with La bouche rouge to create her ideal lipstick shade, The Red Andreea. Here, she shares her simple approach to effortless glamour.

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