Discover Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s gorgeous look for a romantic date night with your loved one.

Now, since it’s winter, I’m going to do a Lip Scrub using the one by La bouche rouge. It’s just a flat top, balmy texture with a little bit of exfoliating scrub in it to smooth my skin. Once that’s absorbed a bit, I’m going to take a face cloth to pat it off.

So, since I’ve already done my base with concealer, I’m going to start with my eyebrows, just brushing them out. Then, I’m taking the La bouche rouge Eyebrow Pencil – I’m actually going to take 2 colors, the Blonde and the Brown. I’m going to start at the front with the Blonde… I really like these pencils because they have a slight waxiness to them, and the color is just such a good match for my eyebrows. Then I’m going to switch to the darker color to fill in the outer ends.

Then I’m going to secure them down with the La bouche rouge Eyebrow Gel. It’s really special. Both the Eyebrow Gel and the Mascara come in a glass package, so they’re completely recyclable. I just think it looks so beautiful, and you can even opt to choose a leather case.  I like how the Eyebrow Gel just gave an extra kick to the color there.

Since we’re staying home, I don’t want to use a lot of makeup, just a bit of soft color. La bouche rouge has really beautiful, refillable Eyeshadow Palettes. It’s just something you would keep forever.

I’m going to start with the Mead palette here, with its beautiful taupes and greys. I’m going to use the lightest taupe color there, sweeping it all the way across the eye. Then, with a flatter, thicker brush, I’m going to use the Chocolate color at the outer corner of my eyes, in the socket, pulling it onto the center of my eyelid, then bringing it out to really extend my eyes. Then I’m going to go in with the chocolate color, just close to the lash line. Next, I’m going to go in with the dark shade using a fine-tipped brush, applying it like eye liner to create subtle definition.

I’m going to then use the Les Ombres palette in Aral, which is more metallic, and I’m going to use the darkest shade at the outer corner and blend.

Next, I’m going to go in and apply the Sérum Noir Mascara. I’ve been really impressed by this one, because it’s hard to find a truly clean formula that’s going to lift and lengthen your lashes while keeping them really soft and full, while staying put all day.

or my lips, I’m going to start with the Nude color, so you can see how beautiful they both can look. I’m going to line my lips with the La bouche rouge Nude Lip Liner, being really precise about it, adding a little definition to my mouth.

These lipsticks feel so weightless and beautiful on the mouth, and I think that’s because of the beautiful ingredients they have in them, like jojoba oil, which helps hydrate and smooth the lips out. They also have shea butter, which is great for hydration, plumping, smoothing. Then I just like to pat the lip out. This color, Le Nude Rosie, is a sort of rose color with mauve tones. It’s really classic but also modern and beautiful, and I think it pairs really nicely with the browns I used on my eyes.

Otherwise, you can go for Le Rouge Rosie, which is a really classic red, beautiful for evening or day time. You see the lovely matte finish it creates. Clean up the edges with the Red Lip Liner, then pat it out with your finger.

“The packaging itself actually feels like a keepsake – something really, really special.”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Model and entrepreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley built a career walking the runways of the finest fashion houses and gracing the pages of countless magazines. In 2021, she launched Rose Inc., a beauty publication and brand committed to sustainability, clean formulas and clinically proven results. To celebrate the lipsticks she created in collaboration with La bouche rouge, and with the imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day, she shares her beauty routine for natural, beautiful allure.

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