Renowned makeup artist Andreea Ali has built a loyal following through her intuitive YouTube tutorials, helping women achieve their ideal look with ease. Uncover her routine to create the perfect, natural brows.


"Eyebrows are the only line on the face that conveys expression, so don't underestimate the power of well-defined brows!"


Before I do anything to my eyebrows, I like to brush them out. Figure out where I need filling. I use the brush from La bouche rouge, which is perfect for this step. It is made of beech wood and vegan hairs.

Then I turn to the eyebrow pencils. They come in four different shades, and the formula is made of 98% natural ingredients including castor oil, squalane and Vitamin E. When choosing my eyebrow color, it really depends on whether my hair is tied back or not. When it's pulled up, you see a lot of my natural hair, so I opt for the dark brown.

To complete this elegant, simple look, I top it off with the Nude Rosie lipstick shade.

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