As a Chinese-born American that has lived in Norway for over the last ten years, Stylist and Art Director Alice Wang is no stranger to the varying international definitions of beauty. Read on to discover her ideal allies for a natural look in minimal time.


I start by following the eyebrow routine, which is really easy. I clean up my brows with the eyebrow brush, which is one of the best I have ever used! It is great to catch each hair, even the thinnest, to enhance the texture of your brows.

I then turn to the Light Brown eyebrow pencil to subtly intensify and sculpt my brows, followed by the Eyebrow Serum to naturally set and tame them for a clean, lasting effect. It has a gorgeous design and works amazingly well as a last-minute touch!

Next, I brighten up my complexion with La Lumière, the first natural highlighter that hydrates skin and sculpts the face to create beautiful definition and healthy luminosity. It’s one of my absolute favorite products, as it creates an amazing, subtle glow without being “glittery.” To do so, I use the highlighter brush, which allows you to evenly apply your powder across the cheek bones, cupid's bow and tip of the nose for a natural, glowing effect.

Lastly, I focus on my lips. With a formula comprised of 99% natural ingredients, the White Lip Balm envelops your lips in all-day comfort and hydration. Then, to enhance their natural color, I use the Nude Brown lipstick for a dark nude.

"What I really love is La bouche rouge's dedication to being a fully sustainable and clean beauty brand, without sacrificing high standards and the elegance of the products."


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